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As a Marketing Manager for a large Wall Street firm, I highly recommend Colleen for any company who needs a person that can learn quickly, adapt, and excel in any environment. -DTS, Regional Marketing Manager, Institutional Sales


I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your enthusiasm, energy and the service that you provide to my growing company. Particularly, I appreciate the relentless attitude in researching and discussing how you see candidates fitting in our operation. Your willingness to work with a smaller growing company helps us to afford your custom services and, like me, you seem to be working all the time, and that certainly helps. -KM-CEO Pharma-controlled release, drug delivery, company

Recently Colleen, in her role as HR Consultant, placed a good friend of mine into a Senior Financial position after the company had asked for a New Business Development person. She can blend technical skills with individual personalities to achieve a successful business relationship. She connects the dots where others fail to see any picture at all. Her nuts and bolts analytical ability can be masterful.
-JH, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Specialty Chemical Operations Europe


 I thought my resume was fine, until i received a new and improved resume. It was neat and to the point. I would have never been able to combine my markup artistry background with my medical office background but Colleen made it flow all together and make sense.  -Nina P now Owner, Nina Christine Cleaning  Services

Nugent Services wrote my first resumes when I moved to the US. Colleen works with you to find the right type of job.  Colleen did an excellent job at capturing my diverse skills and experience in such a manner that I had on-site interviews for three jobs within one month and I had a firm job offer from two of the firms within two months. -Sid S. Senior Scientist, Non-Woven Materials and Coatings  specialist, now President AK Associates

I worked with Colleen as a candidate for placement during my transition from India to the US. We communicated for months, while I planned my career move. I have learned over time that Colleen has a very good understanding of the industry and of the human resource functions in management. This allows her to have insight from the outside which many time cannot be seen within the firm.  She takes time to understand the management of the firm and the needs of the business as well as the individuals in that business. AS, Director of Quality, Medical tissue company specialist now CEO Wazoodle Fabrics


Ms. Nugent has also provided the shelter with technical assistance on the operation of such facilities. www.liberiacrisiscenter.org

For more info contact colleen@nugentservices.net