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Nugent Services allows clients the highest degree of flexibility on both long- and short-term projects when forming specialized teams for targeted transitions or unique responses to specific business challenges.

Choose to see the whole picture.

Quantify Success with Competitive Results
You are able to focus on your core business and your own personal expertise.

Productivity increases

Our team provides expert staff, seamless processes and innovative technology We are skilled executive entrepreneurs working with startups or with highly technical disciplines such as engineering and manufacturing, quality control and regulatory affairs, research and development science.

Let an Operations Consulting Specialist provide guidance through strategic planning.

Colleen Nugent is experienced in business planning, operational management, due diligence, public relations, and contract oversight. As well as knowledge, skills and a track record in the following areas (among others, such as construction):

Human Program Development and Implementation Management (over 20 years)

Creating Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation teams (over 16 years)

People and Change Management (20 years)

Strategic-Team Leadership Relationships (20 years)