We excel at assignments that others consider Difficult to Quantify.

 Coordinating our activities closely with the decision makers, we strategically place individuals or teams of talent, who then completely focus on the special needs of your specific organization thus ensuring both cost effectiveness and successful company growth.

We operate as much more of a partner, allowing your needs to produce your growth while keeping costs under control. Our experts counsel companies undergoing a corporate transition to effectively assess and structure organizational development projects that ultimately conclude in a different business structure, we can be effective for any stage of business- formation, growth, divestiture or acquisition.

Expertise Includes:


Highly Technical Engineering and Manufacturing Based Projects

Knowledge of FDA regulated environments using Good Manufacturing Practices

Equipment Producing and Manufacturing companies with specialties

such as advanced chemical compounds and polymers (organic and non-organic),

Specific Technologies including drug delivery, thin films, liquids, gels, adhesives, and metals.

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biologic & Therapeutic, Personal Care, Cosmetics, OTC,

 Wound Care, Medical Device, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering,

Chemical, Environmental, Packaging, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Process,

Semiconductor and Computer Engineering Hardware, Software, Test & Quality Engineers

 (Specialty in the Testing and Validation of Pharmaceutical Software, Manufacturing Automation Software,  ERP and EDI applications)

Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, CAD Specialists Project Management General Managers, Plant Managers, Facilities Managers, Operations - Including Lean Manufacturing Specialties, ISO 9000 Certifications, Clean Room protocols QA, QC, Regulatory Affairs,

Laboratory Managers, Analytical Chemists (Organic and Inorganic Materials), Validation Specialists, Annual Product Review Chemists, Microbiologists, Calibration and Equipment Specialists, QA & QC inspectors, Chemists/Biologists in Drug Discovery Field

Financial Management and Corporate Finance and Accounting-  Lean Manufacturing-/ Industrial Engineering principals. (Black Belt, 6 Sigma, PMP Certified - Institute of Project Management Specialists), Logistics including ERP specialists, Distribution and Warehousing, Manufacturing Analysts, Production Managers/Supervisors Customer Service & Help Desk Human Resource Professionals Environmental Health & Safety,  Sales and Marketing Professionals - Business Development, Category Managers, Corporate Communications

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